Motel Emen

The gastronomic offer of our restaurant

Our restaurant's gastronomic offer includes old and new style home-cooked meals. For dinner we offer a cosy ambiance in our dining area, whose design integrates traditional motifs of stone and sun. Guests have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of traditional meals or international cuisine enriched with fresh, quality and most importantly, healthy local ingredients.

Dining with us is not only tasty; it’s good for you! From the unique form and design of our dishware to high-quality cutlery and wine glasses to our attention to service and to strict hygienic standards, nothing is left to chance. It is our mission and imperative to have smiling and contented guests.


After enjoying dinner, an excellent espresso or traditional Bosnian coffee goes perfectly with famous local desserts such as “hurmasica”, “baklava” or “tufahija”. These delicacies will leave you breathless. In the event that you wish to organize a celebration, graduation, conference, business meeting, wedding ceremony, or birthday party, or you simply want to regale a larger number of guests where they will leave content and taken care of, simply contact us.


Our restaurant provides seating for up to 90 guests, and is therefore ideal for all kinds of special occasions.